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Steps to take to regain custody of the children

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Child Custody

One of the hardest things a parent might ever face is losing custody of their child. At that moment, the parent might feel like there is no way to fix the situation and lose hope of living with their child again. However, parents who find themselves in this situation in West Virginia might be able to win back custody by following certain steps.

Understanding why you lost custody

The first step towards regaining custody is to understand why you lost custody in the first place. There are a variety of reasons why parents lose custody, including struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, neglecting or abusing the child, abandoning the child or losing contact with the child. Once you understand why you lost custody, you can begin processing what behaviors you need to change so you can show the judge your priority is the best interest of your child and that you do not pose a threat to the child’s mental and physical well-being.

Showing the judge you are serious about change

To show that you are committed to your child, follow through on the actions needed for you to regain custody. Some of these actions might include:

  • Entering a rehabilitation program
  • Attending counseling or therapy
  • Updating your living arrangements
  • Taking parenting classes
  • Respecting and meeting all expectations set for visitation
  • Attending all court dates and other related meetings
  • Communicating with your child’s other parent or guardian amicably and openly

Once you are ready to prepare for the process, you might work with a lawyer to guide you through filing for custody. You should also request a new evaluation of your fitness as a parent, including, if necessary a home visit.

Meeting all requirements and contingencies set by the court is important to show that your priority is your child. You might also consider other custody arrangements that might work for the family, particularly your child.