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Planning your summer co-parenting schedule

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Family Law

Summer can complicate parenting schedules in West Virginia, as the children are out of school and their normal routines might not apply. Additionally, when both parents are working, the children’s temporary summer schedules might not fit with their parents’ work schedules. Finally, summer might also be when parents want to plan vacations and family get-togethers and reunions. Creating a summer co-parenting schedule for the whole family takes planning, flexibility and communication.

When should you plan your summer co-parenting plan?

Planning for your summer co-parenting schedule is best done early. This way, both parents can identify the factors and events that will affect the planning. Planning early in the year for the summer can help parents avoid conflicts and allows them to plan any vacation or traveling they might want to do with the kids. It can even help parents save money on flights, hotels and other expenses.

Factors that can affect your summer co-parenting plan

As you begin to work on your summer co-parenting plan, you should take some factors into account. These include:

• The children’s schedules, including any summer camps or workshops

• Each parent’s work schedule

• Dates for out-of-town vacations and traveling

• Family reunions and other special events

• Your current parenting plan

Types of schedules to choose from

Depending on your family’s situation and even your children’s ages and ease of adaptability, there are a variety of summer co-parenting schedules you can choose. Some of these include:

• Keeping the regular co-parenting schedule if it is working for all and fits within the family’s summer needs

• Alternating weeks if the parents live near each other

• Letting the non-custodial parent have the majority of the summertime with the children, particularly if that parent lives far away and is unable to see them often

• Choosing a variety of alternating schedules, including the 2-2-3 and 4-3-3-4 schedules if the children are comfortable switching often

You and your co-parent can work together to create an ideal summer co-parenting plan. Doing this early can ensure that all family members take advantage and enjoy their summer.