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Troubles with credit card fraud

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Some people struggle with making their credit card payments, and nothing might enrage such persons more than when they look at a balance and see several false charges. However, many West Virginia account holders find themselves dealing with the fallout from credit card fraud. Even those who take deliberate actions to avoid becoming victims may discover their accounts compromised.

Troubles with credit card fraud

Credit card fraud takes many forms. Often, the crime involves using someone’s card without permission. Someone might uncover a lost wallet and use the cards inside. Other victims find their credit card numbers procured by hackers. The hackers might find access to the account holder’s online account, or they could break into a retail company’s servers and walk away with many customers’ account information.

Identity thieves might open up credit card accounts under someone else’s name. The victim may not discover what happened until much later when collection agencies call looking for payments.

Those charged with credit card fraud may find themselves in a tough legal bind. The penalties could be severe, intending to discourage others from committing fraud.

Legal troubles from credit card fraud charges

Prosecutors might charge someone with credit card fraud on the state or federal level, depending on the case’s specifics. The accused could face multiple charges, such as ones related to stealing money by taking cash advances and one’s related to appropriating the credit card.

A criminal defense strategy could shed light on why someone might use someone else’s card. A person could take a friend’s card y mistake and use it without thinking. A mistake might be negligence, but the person did not commit a deliberately fraudulent act.

Those facing an uphill battle in court might opt for a plea bargain. Such an agreement could lead to reduced penalties.