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What to include to ensure your parenting plan works

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Child Custody

Parenting plans are central to the success of co-parenting relationships. And as West Virginia parents are planning their co-parenting journey, they should be aware of what they need to include in their parenting plan to ensure it works for their family dynamic.

Details matter

If you want to establish a parenting plan that is truly successful, you will want to go beyond the basics of child custody. Crafting a plan that includes details specific to your family dynamic means that both parents can count on it to guide them as they co-parent their children. Some of the details you should include in your parenting plan include:

  • The schedule detailing when the children will be with each parent
  • How special dates such as birthdays, holidays, family reunions and vacations will be handled
  • Which parent will keep the children’s important documents, such as passports
  • How decisions regarding medical issues, education, religious upbringing and extracurricular activities will be made
  • When and how children will be told about a parent’s new significant other
  • The rules, routines and style of discipline parents want to follow in both homes
  • How parents will support and promote their children’s relationships with extended family members
  • How and how often the parents will communicate regarding their children
  • What methods parents will use to resolve future conflicts

The benefits of a detailed parenting plan

When parents meet to craft a detailed parenting plan and commit to honoring that plan, they prevent additional conflicts from developing between them. This will help their children understand that their parents remain committed to the family and raising them. The details included can be a source of safety and balance for the whole family.

Finally, a detailed parenting plan also needs to leave room for flexibility. As the children grow and the parents’ own lives change, the parenting plan will also need to change to adapt to the changing needs of the family.