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Why should you avoid social media while going through a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Family Law

West Virginia residents going through a divorce might be tempted to vent on their social media pages. While that might feel like a good way to let off steam, it’s best to avoid it. If you continue using social media, be smart.

Avoid announcing the divorce

Although it might be tempting to make a change to your status on social media, it’s wise to avoid doing that. You might want to avoid even announcing that you’re going through a divorce. Everyone doesn’t need to know your business on social media. It’s better to announce your divorce personally to family members and friends when you’re ready.

Avoid bashing your spouse

If you vent about your ongoing divorce proceedings and bash your spouse on social media, it can work against you. Anyone reading your posts can inform your spouse if they’re also connected with them. Your ex’s attorney could also use your social media posts against you, which might cost you something in the divorce.

Avoid incriminating yourself

There are various ways you could end up inadvertently incriminating yourself on social media as you’re going through divorce proceedings. For example, if you go on a huge spending spree, don’t post about it all over social media. It might show that you are irresponsible with money and could be used against you in divorce court. You might be ordered to pay extra in alimony or child support. If you’re the one who will receive the support, the amount could be reduced due to your perceived irresponsibility.

Likewise, if you had an affair during your marriage or even if you already have a new love interest since your split, you should stay quiet about it on social media. It likely won’t paint you in a positive light while your divorce is ongoing. Being discreet on social media during a divorce is always best.