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A good divorce lawyer will take the time to identify the specific of your divorce case before implementing a legal strategy. At Carrico Law Offices LC, we recognize that every divorce or separation is unique. When you come to our firm, you can expect the individualized attention from your attorney that you need as you face these challenging times.

Carrico Law Offices LC has a strongly established family law practice. We focus on divorce, property division, support, custody, adoption and related cases. The divorce lawyers at our firm each have more than 20 years of legal experience, so you have the benefit of knowing that an experienced lawyer will be handling your case at all times.

Division Of Property, Assets And Debts In Divorce

Property division is typically one of the most critical parts of divorce. Our clients often have questions about how assets are divided and if alimony can affect how assets are divided. We ask comprehensive questions about your debts and your assets so we can determine the value of your estate.

From there, we try to approach the situation so that a fair settlement can be reached outside the courtroom. We have the skills and legal abilities to handle even complex estates and property division cases that need to be litigated, including cases involved in high-asset divorces. Whether the property division component of your divorce is relatively straightforward or involves more complex assets like retirement accounts, small businesses, stocks, multiple properties or more, we have the experience and resources to assist.

Kids And Divorce

Children are an important part of divorce, and if you have kids, we strive to make this process as seamless as possible for them and for you. If both parties are willing to work things out, oftentimes a swift resolution can be reached. Judges will look to make a decision that is in the best interests of the child. If parents are able to create an effective parenting plan on their own, which includes custody and visitation and is fair to all parties involved, the judge may approve that plan.

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