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Experienced Counsel When You Face Serious Drug Charges

There are specific sentencing guidelines for federal drug crimes, and in West Virginia, the consequences are harsh. A drug conviction affects your life in countless ways, and without competent legal defense counsel, you risk receiving the maximum punishment.

Tim Carrico of Carrico Law Offices LC leads our criminal practice. As a former assistant prosecutor with extensive federal criminal defense experience, he has the skills necessary to undertake even the most serious drug offenses. He and attorney John Carrico routinely handle drug cases throughout the Charleston area, and maintain a proven track record in obtaining dismissals and not-guilty verdicts for clients.

State Drug Charges

Not all drug cases are handled in federal court. However, depending on the circumstances of your case, it can easily be moved to federal court. That immediately increases the punishments / consequences you could face.

Drug cases that are often handled in state court include possession charges, especially charges involving small amounts of drugs. In many situations, our lawyers are able to negotiate down the charges or even work toward a dismissal. We handle all ranges of drug cases, from possession of marijuana to prescription medication fraud and more.

Federal Drug Crimes, Gun Crimes And Violent Crimes

You need aggressive representation from a drug defense lawyer if you face federal drug charges. The guidelines for sentencing are unique, and without experienced representation, you risk maximum punishment for a conviction.

The defense lawyers at Carrico Law Offices LC work to mitigate the consequences, even if a conviction cannot be avoided. We are highly familiar with the federal court processes and what legal defense strategies are often proven to be most effective. We handle cases involving:

  • Drug conspiracy
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug possession (large scale)
  • Cultivation and growth

In addition to having significant experience in federal court, we often handle cases involving gun / weapons charges, violent crimes charges (such as battery and assault) relating to drug crimes and more.

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