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Advocating For Parents Paying Or Receiving Child Support

Child support is directly impacted by a parenting time plan, and in order to be sure that calculations are appropriately made for your situation, you should seek advice from a lawyer. Whether you are a parent ordered to pay child support or the parent receiving support, an attorney at Carrico Law Offices LC can assess your situation and provide knowledgeable legal advice.

Our firm has a strongly rooted family law practice. We routinely work with parents in child custody, child support and related cases (including divorce) throughout the Charleston area. At Carrico Law Offices LC, we are focused on results and providing every client with the highest level of quality legal representation. When you come to us with an issue, we are your advocates throughout the entire process.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

Child support is determined by a mathematical calculation from a state statute. The amount of the child support payment also depends on the parenting time plan, including custody with each parent. Financial issues, as well as custody, can be contentious issues between parents. One of the important steps that we at Carrico Law Offices LC strive to make is to relieve the tension from the situation and taking swift action in finding a resolution.

Additionally, we provide representation for issues involving child support enforcements and child support modifications.

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